Allied Feather & Down

30 years ago, ALLIED Feather & Down was started as a unique insulation brand supplying high quality down insulation to a growing outdoor and apparel market. Most down suppliers back then - and still today - are primarily bedding companies who is supplying the same material that appears in down bedding.

After working for years in the bedding industry, Steve Uretsky realized that the needs for a high performance technical were much different than what was being provided. But doing so would necessitate a completely new way to work within the supply chain.

The down supply chain has always been dependent upon a network of brokers who aggregate material from numerous sources with little to no traceability or transparency. ALLIED would start to change this by establishing close relationships with farms and all aspects of the supply chain. This would allow ALLIED to supply a more precise and better quality, offer partners complete transparency and ensure that no ALLIED down was coming from live plucked or force-fed birds long before the current standards.

This understanding and work within the supply chain also put ALLIED in the unique position to work with some of our large partner brands to build the Responsible Down Standard and other robust sourcing standards.

As of early 2017, 100% of ALLIED down is sourced from certified farms and backed by some of the most rigorous animal welfare organizations.

But we don’t stop there. It’s our commitment to our partner, their customers and the planet that we continue to work closely with our global supply chain to ensure each and every supply chain partner abides by our strict chemical management policies. Down, as an all-natural bio-degradeable by-product of the food industry has the potential, when sourced and processed responsibly, to be the most environmentally friendly insulation option available.